Connectivity Strategic Plan for Western San Diego County Science Session - July 1, 2014 Connectivity Project Summaries

Type: workshop summary

Article abstract: These project summaries document expert findings regarding connectivity on at-risk resources.

Number of pages: 22

Authors: Bohonak, Andrew; Boydston, Erin; Brehme, Cheryl; Brown, Chris; Clark, Denise; Fisher, Robert N.; Hung, Keng-Lou James; Jennings, Megan; Lewison, Rebecca; Lyren, Lisa; Mitelberg, Anna; Rochester, Carlton; Simovich, M; Tracey, Jeff; Vickers, Winston;

Day: 1

Month: July

Year: 2014

Keywords: connectivity; connectivity corridors; Connectivity Report; habitat connectivity; public workshop; workshop;

Species: American badger; Mountain lion; San Diego fairy shrimp; Southwestern pond turtle; California bobcat; Southern mule deer

Threats: Loss of connectivity