2020 Report California Plant Rescue

Type: report

Article abstract: In 2020, CaPR members tripled their annual rate of seed collecting and added 149 new rare plant species (California Rare Plant Rank [CRPR]1B) to conservation seed banks, despite the challenges of a global pandemic and a record-breaking wildfire season. We are now 64% of the way to the goal of seed banking 1,166 CRPR1B rare plants by 2025. We also expanded institutional capacity to secure California’s plant diversity by adding six new sta members; purchasing valuable infrastructure equipment such as germination chambers, cryopreservation tanks, and generators for backup power; and obtaining supplies like seed sieves and drying chambers. CaPR members also shared information about our work at more than 20 events with state and federal agencies, the scientific community and the general public. California Biodiversity Initiative funds allowed CaPR members not only to increase the number of rare plants represented in seed banks, but also to expand the geographic scope of our work. In 2020, CaPR collections ranged from Mount Shasta to San Diego, and from the Central Coast to Death Valley.

Month: June

Year: 2021

Prepared by: California Plant Rescue;


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