Recording - December 2022 SDMMP Annual End-of-Year Management and Monitoring Coordination Meeting

Type: recording

Article abstract: Recording for the December 14, 2022 Annual End-of-Year SDMMP Mgmt. and Mon. Coordination Meeting.

Authors: Vickers, Winston; Smith, Trish; Smith, Kim; Fisher, Robert N.; Price, Jennifer; McCutcheon, Sarah; Pesce, Courtney; Preston, Kris; Perkins, Emily; Brown, Chris; Bernabe, Annabelle; Roesler, Elizabeth;

Day: 14

Month: December

Year: 2022

Keywords: arroyo toad; golden eagle; mountain lion; southwestern pond turtle; targeted monitoring plan; wildlife crossing;

Species: Golden Eagle; Golden eagle; Southwestern pond turtle; Arroyo toad

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SDMMP Annual End of the Year Meeting_20221214.mp4