Basic Information
Common Name: Gander's Pitcher Sage
Scientific Name: Lepechinia ganderi
Species Code:
Management Category: VG (species not specifically managed for, but may benefit from vegetation management for VF species)
Occurrence Map
Table of Occurrences
File name Lead Author Year Type
County of San Diego MSCP Monitoring Summary Report January 1998 - June 2007 County of San Diego 2007 report
San Diego Rare Plant Monitoring Plan: Fiscal Year 2011 Greer, Keith; McEachern, Kathryn; Tracey, Jeff 2011 report

Current Distribution Rangewide

Ranges from San Diego County to Baja California [1,2].

Known Populations in San Diego County

Eighteen occurrences on Conserved Lands found in MU3 (San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, Otay Mountain Ecological Reserve, Otay Mountain Wilderness Area, and Otay Ranch Preserve).

List Status


Habitat Affinities

Grows in various foothill habitats such as closed-cone conifer forest, chaparral, coastal sage scrub, and valley-foothill grasslands [1,2,3]. Gabbroic or metavolcanic soils [1].

Taxonomy and Genetics

In the Lamiaceae family [1,2,3].

Life History Demography

A perennial shrub [1].

Seasonal Phenology

Blooms June to July [1,3].

Pollination Seed Dispersal

No information.


Threatened by development and low population size [1].

Literature Sources

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