Basic Information
Common Name: San Diego Marsh-elder
Scientific Name: Iva hayesiana
Species Code:
Management Category: VG (species not specifically managed for, but may benefit from vegetation management for VF species)
Occurrence Map
Table of Occurrences

Current Distribution Rangewide

Ranges from San Diego County to Baja California [1,2].

Known Populations in San Diego County

Native populations restricted to Coastal San Diego County [3]. Occurrences found on Conserved Lands in MUs 3,4, and 6 (Lusardi Creek Preserve and Escondido Creek).

List Status


Habitat Affinities

Grows in marshes, swamps, and playas [1,2]. Alkaline flats, depressions, alkali marshes, sinks [4,5]. Salt and freshwater marshes and ecotones with coastal sage scrub [6].

Taxonomy and Genetics

In the Asteraceae family [1,2].

Life History Demography

A perrenial herb [1]. Seeds are small, less than 2 mm long and spindle-shaped [3].

Seasonal Phenology

Blooms from April to October [1].

Pollination Seed Dispersal

Tiny achenes are likely dispersed by a combination of gravity, wind, and water as are related species of Asteracae [3].


Threatened by waterway channelization, coastal development [1,2], vehicles, and nonnative plants [1].

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