2009-2010 Annual Report for Otay Ranch Preserve - Salt Creek and San Ysidro Parcels

Type: report

Article abstract: Project Description The Otay Ranch Preserve (Preserve) is located in southwestern San Diego County and is composed of three major parcels: Otay River parcel, Proctor Valley parcel, and San Ysidro Mountains parcel (County of San Diego [County] 1993). The Preserve boundaries include lands within the city of Chula Vista (City) and the County. During the time frame of this report (October 2009 through June 2010), lands that have been conveyed to the Preserve include the Salt Creek and San Ysidro parcels (Figures 1 and 2; Photographs 1 and 2). As lands are conveyed to the Preserve, the total area will increase to more than 11,000 acres. These lands will be set aside as mitigation for impacts to sensitive resources resulting from Otay Ranch development (County 1993). The Preserve is managed by the Preserve Owner/Manager (POM), which is discussed in more detail below. The Preserve is a hard-line preserve that has been designed and is managed specifically for protection and enhancement of multiple species present (County of San Diego 1993). The Preserve also serves to connect large areas of open space through a series of wildlife corridors, including connections between regional open space areas such as Otay Reservoir and San Miguel Mountain (County of San Diego 1993).

Number of pages: 193

Authors: Bennett, Anna; Dodero, Mark;

Day: 11

Month: March

Year: 2011

Prepared for: City of Chula Vista;

Prepared by: RECON Environmental Inc.;

Keywords: habitat assessment; invasive plants; Otay Ranch Preserve; Otay Ranch Resource Management Plan (RMP); Otay River; Photo Point Monitoring; preserves; rare plants; RMP; San Ysidro Mountains; sensitive plants;

Species: Least Bell's vireo; Quino checkerspot butterfly; Coastal cactus wren; Coastal California gnatcatcher