Encinas Creek Habitat Conservation Area (Formerly known as the North County Habitat Bank) Annual Work Plan October 2010 - September 2011

Type: report

Article abstract: Introduction This annual work plan has been developed from the guidelines for goals and objectives set forth in the North County Habitat Bank Long-Term Management Plan (HMP) (Helix 2007) The HMP includes management requirements set forth by the City of Carlsbad (City), the United States Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) and California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG). CNLM holds title to the North County Habitat Bank Habitat Conservation Area (HCA or Preserve), and has changed its name to Encinas Creek Habitat Conservation Area. The Preserve is located about ½ mile east of Interstate 5 along the south side Palomar Airport Road, east of Costco and west of Hidden Valley Road. CNLM has managed the HCA since May of 2007 at which time we received the entire endowment to fund the long-term management of the HCA. The HCA is currently being used by Westmark Development Corporation (Westmark) as a wetlands mitigation bank. Westmark is the Bank Owner and handles all credit sales and accounting. Westmark restored several acres of disturbed wetland pursuant to a restoration plan (Helix 2007b) and received regulatory signoff for final success criteria in December of 2007 (ACOE, 2007). The purpose of this work plan is to identify the tasks and budget required to complete the management activities for the upcoming fiscal year that will begin on October 1, 2010 and end on September 30, 2011. Unless otherwise stated, all tasks will be performed by CNLM's Preserve Manager Patrick McConnell and Ranger, Justin Trujillo. Summary of Tasks and Goals for the Fiscal Year: - Install signs as necessary - Monitor large and medium sized mammal use of the site using wildlife cameras - Note all animal species observed and map locations of any sensitive species - Remove nonnative plant species - Conduct brown-headed cowbird trapping (Molothrus ater) - Patrol and conduct site enforcement on a regular basis - Conduct surveys for least Bell's vireo and coastal California gnatcatcher - Report and describe data collected and management actions taken on the Preserves to the wildlife agencies - Install and mend fencing as necessary Appendix 1 (Task Schedule) identifies the approximate schedule of field work throughout the fiscal year and Appendix 2 depicts the location of the Preserve.

Number of pages: 11

Month: October

Year: 2010

Prepared for: California Department of Fish and Game; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; City of Carlsbad;

Prepared by: Center for Natural Lands Management;

Keywords: breeding; endangered species; habitat maintenance; habitat restoration;

Species: Least Bell's vireo; Brown-headed Cowbird; Coastal California gnatcatcher