Amphibian IBI and Hydrological Impact Score

Type: powerpoint presentation

Authors: Fisher, Robert N.;

Day: 11

Month: December

Year: 2019

Purpose: Presentation at the SDMMP 2019 End-of-Year Management and Monitoring Coordination Meeting and Luncheon.

Keywords: amphibians; assessment; hydrology; risk assessment;

Species: Red-legged frog; Mountain yellow-legged frog; Western Toad; African Clawed Frog; California Newt; Red-eared Slider; California Mountain Kingsnake; Western spadefoot; Pacific Chorus Frog--TREEFROG; Two-striped garter snake; Southwestern pond turtle; Arroyo toad; American Bullfrog

Vegetation communities: freshwater marsh; riparian forest & scrub

Threats: Altered hydrology; Invasive animals