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Arroyo chub
Arroyo toad
Coast range newt
Cooper's hawk
Jennifer's monardella
Least Bell's vireo
Mountain lion
San Diego ambrosia
San Diego marsh-elder
Southwestern pond turtle
Southwestern willow flycatcher
Townsend's big-eared bat
Two-striped garter snake
Willowy monardella
Yellow-breasted chat


2017-2019 Developing a Map of Ecological Integrity Using Remote Sensing
Arroyo Toad Monitoring and Management
Artesian Creek Restoration
Arundo Treatment in San Luis Rey, Santa Margarita, and San Dieguito Watersheds
Blue Sky Ecological Reserve Fire Restoration and Invasive Removal
Fairbanks Ranch/Rancho Santa Fe Invasive Removal and Stream Enhancement
Feral Pig Removal Program Monitoring
Invasive Plant Control - Silverwood Wildlife Sanctuary
Least Bell's Vireo Surveys - Tijuana River Valley
Lusardi Creek Restoration and Invasive Plant Removal
Monitoring and Documentation of Post-Fire Recovery of Riparian Bird Community
Rare Plant Inspect and Manage Monitoring 2014-2026
Riparian Restoration and Arundo Removal
San Diego River Channel
San Diego RiverBlitz
San Dieguito Citizen Science Monitoring Program
Tijuana River Invasive Plant Control
Vegetation Mapping and Classification 2012
Veldt Grass Removal - San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

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