State of the Regional Preserve System in Western San Diego County

Type: report

Article abstract: This first State of the Regional Preserve System in Western San Diego County report details progress in preserve assembly for the four multiple species conservation plan areas and provides metrics for 19 indicators of preserve health. These indicators include four vegetation communities, 11 plant and animal species or species groups, and four indicators of ecosystem processes and landscape-scale threats to species and vegetation communities in the regional preserve system. The state of the regional preserve system in San Diego County is dependent on both the design and assembly of the preserve as well as management and monitoring of Covered Species and vegetation communities. This report addresses both components.

Number of pages: 425

Authors: Preston, Kris; Perkins, Emily; Brown, Chris; McCutcheon, Sarah; Bernabe, Annabelle; Luciani, Emilie; Kus, Barbara; Wynn, Susan;

Day: 13

Month: December

Year: 2022

Prepared for: SANDAG;

Prepared by: U.S. Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Center; San Diego Management and Monitoring Program;

Keywords: ecological health; ecological integrity; metrics;

Species: Cactus Wren; Least Bell's vireo; Pallid bat; Encinitas baccharis; Townsend's big-eared bat; San Diego thorn-mint; Mountain lion; Southwestern pond turtle; Arroyo toad; Hermes copper; Willowy monardella; Coastal California gnatcatcher

Vegetation communities: coastal sage scrub; oak woodland; chaparral; riparian forest & scrub

Threats: Altered fire regime; Altered hydrology; Loss of connectivity; Invasive plants