Mammalian species of concern in California

Type: report

Article abstract: The native species of land mammals of California which currently do not have state or federal Threatened or Endangered Species status were investigated in order to identify those potentially threatened with extinction Investigations concentrated on determining historic and current distributions, habitat associations, population status, and the nature and proximity of threats of extinction. Information was developed primarily from the literature, museum records, and field notes, and from contacts with biologists with knowledge of current developments in the field.

Number of pages: 107

Authors: Williams, D.F.;

Day: 26

Month: February

Year: 1986

Publisher: California State University, Department of Biological Sciences

Purpose: In order to identify potentially threatened with extinctions.

Prepared for: California State University, Department of Biological Sciences;

Prepared by: Williams, D.F.;

Keywords: American badgers; California Department of Fish and Game; endangered animals; mammals;

Species: American badger

Vegetation communities: oak woodland; grassland; freshwater marsh; riparian forest & scrub

Threats: Climate change; Herbivory/predation; Human uses of the Preserves; Pesticides; Urban development; Invasive animals

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