Final Report: Vernal Pool Habitat Restoration at Otay Mesa Open Space

Type: report

Article abstract: The Spring Canyon/Goat Mesa vernal pools complex (J16-18) were identified by the adopted Recovery Plan for Vernal Pools of Southern California (USFWS 1998) as necessary to stabilize populations of the following endangered and threatened species: E. aristulatum, P. nudiuscula, N. fossalis, O. californica, B. sandiegonensis, and S. woottoni. The Management Strategic Plan for Conserved Lands in Western San Diego County (SDMMP) also lists other MSP species historically found onsite at Spring Canyon/Goat Mesa including D. variagata, M. minimus, S. hammondii, and A. cunicularia. Otay Mesa/Goat Mesa Open Space has also had recent recorded occurrences of Western Burrowing Owl, including a pair of owls observed using artificial burrows as recently as December 29, 2017 before the grant project started.

Number of pages: 58

Year: 2020

Notes: SANDAG TransNet Environmental Mitigation Program (EMP) Land Management Grant: #5005504

Prepared for: San Diego Association of Governments;

Prepared by: City of San Diego;

Keywords: vernal pool species; vernal pools;

Species: Spreading navarretia; California orcutt grass; San Diego button-celery; Riverside fairy shrimp; San Diego fairy shrimp

Vegetation communities: vernal pools and alkali playa

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