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Vernal Pools And Alkali Playa

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California orcutt grass
Coulter's saltbush
Orcutt's birds-beak
Otay mesa mint
Parish brittlescale
Quino checkerspot butterfly
Riverside fairy shrimp
San Diego barrel cactus
San Diego button-celery
San Diego fairy shrimp
San Diego goldenstar
San Diego mesa mint
Santa Rosa basalt brodiaea
Southern tarplant
Spreading navarretia
Thread-leaved brodiaea
Variegated dudleya
Western burrowing owl
Western spadefoot


California Least Tern Predator Monitoring (Ternwatchers)
Dennery Canyon Rare Plant Restoration
Furby-North Preserve Unauthorized Control Project
Human impact to vernal pool complexes in Southern California
J26 Vernal Pool Monitoring- Vista Del Mar Elementary School Project
Otay Mesa Rare Plants
Proctor Valley Vernal Pools and Uplands Habitat Restoration Project
Regional Grazing Monitoring Plan
Shinohara Vernal Pool Restoration
Vegetation Mapping and Classification 2012
Vernal Pool Restoration

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2014 Connectivity Project Summary: San Diego Fairy Shrimp

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Vegetation Mapping Western San Diego 2012

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2019 Vernal Pool Management and Monitoring 2019

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