City of Carlsbad Habitat Management Plan Annual Report and Monitoring Summary Year 7, Nov. 2010 - October 2011

Type: report

Article abstract: This is the seventh annual HMP summary report, covering the period of November 1, 2010 to October 31, 2011. This report summarizes the preserve status, implementation activities, and preserve gains and losses that have occurred during the current reporting period. Highlights of HMP activities are summarized below. Current Status of Preserves The existing preserves continued to be managed, monitored, and/or maintained during the reporting period. Established private and City‐owned Hardline Preserves were managed and monitored in accordance with their approved Preserve Management Plans; California Department of Fish and Game (CDFG) preserves were managed subject to available funding and resources; and pre‐existing natural open space areas were maintained according to their respective Open Space Easements, if applicable. Several future preserves made progress towards full management and monitoring during the reporting period, namely: Cantarini, Carlsbad Raceway, Dos Colinas, Manzanita Apartments, Muroya, Poinsettia Place, and Quarry Creek. Descriptions of the different categories of preserves and details of the progress towards preserve establishment during the reporting period are contained in Section 1.3. City Mitigation Parcel (Lake Calavera Preserve) A total of 1.7 acres were debited during the reporting period; cumulative debits to date are 84.5 acres. A total of 171.5 acres (credits) remain. Carlsbad Gnatcatcher Core Area Obligation At the start of the reporting period, the remaining Core Area obligation consisted of (1) acquisition of 43.02 acres of occupied coastal sage scrub habitat, and (2) reimbursement for 50.13 acres Core Area habitat previously purchased by Lennar Corporation (and currently managed). There were two highlights during this reporting period: (1) the City met its first funding obligation of a four‐year agreement to fund an endowment on the Perkins property, owned by Center for Natural Lands Management, bringing the remaining Core Area obligation to 35.49 acres, and (2) the City purchased the 50.13 acres of conservation credit from Lennar. E‐2 Annual Report for the Carlsbad HMP, Year 7 June 4, 2012 Land Acquisitions There were no land acquisitions inside of the HMP Planning Area during the reporting period. Habitat Gains and Losses There were no habitat gains or losses inside of the preserve system during the current reporting period. Rough Step Preserve Assembly The rough step policy stat

Number of pages: 96

Day: 4

Month: June

Year: 2012

Prepared for: City of Carlsbad;

Prepared by: Environmental Science Assoc.; Technology Associates (TAIC);

Keywords: HMP;

Species: Light-footed Ridgway's rail; Least Bell's vireo; Belding's savannah sparrow; Del Mar manzanita; San Diego thorn-mint; Thread-leaved brodiaea; California Gnatcatcher; Western snowy plover; California least tern

Vegetation communities: coastal sage scrub