2013 Fire Workshop

This task involves organizing and hosting a Wildland Fire Workshop focused on Southern California and landscape level fires occurring in the last decade. This workshop brought together land managers, researchers, and fire management personnel to continue the discussions on the topic of wildland fire impacts to at risk natural resources. The purpose of the workshop was to present, collaborate, and plan wildland fire-related research, management, responses, and future recovery as it applies to the fire risk for natural resources of San Diego County.

Threats and Stressors
Project Focus

San Diego Management and Monitoring Program; U.S. Geological Survey

Carlton Rochester

Sarah McCutcheon

Yvonne Moore

Carlton Rochester

Strategic Elements
  • pre FY15-1
File name Lead Author Year Type
0.0. Introduction - 2013 Fire Workshop Rochester, Carlton 2013 recording
0.1. 2013 Fire Workshop - Forest Service Model: Role of Resource Advisor on Wildfires Winter, Kirsten 2013 recording
0.2. Forest Service Model: Burned Area Emergency Response in Southern California Jennings, Megan 2013 recording
0.3. Forest Service Model: Post-fire Management and Restoration Silva, Gloria 2013 recording
0.4. Review of CAL FIRE mandate in San Diego County (part 1) Porter, Thom 2013 recording
0.5. Wildland fire season planning aboard MCI-WEST Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Goodman, Gabriel ; Bieber, Deborah 2013 recording
1.01 - Fire severity impacts from large fire events: The 2003 and 2007 Fires in San Diego Keeley, Jon 2013 recording
1.02. Post-fire multi-taxa responses to the 2003 and 2007 wildfires in San Diego Rochester, Carlton 2013 recording
1.03 Responses of arroyo toads to wildfires Brown, Chris 2013 recording
1.04. Responses of birds and small mammals to wildlire in chaparral and forest habitats, Southern California Hargrove, Lori 2013 recording
1.05. Response of California gnatcatchers to wildfires Winchell, Clark 2013 recording
1.06. University of California Davis (UC Davis) Southern California Mountain Lion Project: Studying how humans, other wildlife, and disease affect conservation of this species in an urbanizing landscape Vickers, Winston 2013 recording
1.07. Response of coastal cactus wren to wildfires Preston, Kris 2013 recording
1.08. Responses of riparian birds and habitat to wildfire: Lessons learned (so far) Kus, Barbara 2013 recording
1.09. Mammalian carnivore response to wildfire and shifting fire frequency in shrubland ecosystems Jennings, Megan 2013 recording
1.10. Deer and big-horn sheep population response pre- and post-fire Botta, Randy 2013 recording
1.11. Wildfire impacts on insects: A Butterfly's perspective Marschalek, Dan 2013 recording
1.12. Response of vernal pool flora and fauna to fire Miller, Betsy 2013 recording
1.13 Trends in stand composition change after wildfire Rochester, Carlton 2013 recording
1.14. Effects of Southern California wildfires on storm water contaminant runoff Stein, Eric 2013 recording
1.15. 2013 Fire Workshop Discussion Session 2013 recording
2.01.Planning complexities and wilderness value considerations affecting implementation of activities to enhance post-event recovery Hollenbeck, Eric 2013 recording
2.02. From intervention to preventions: How can fire distribution models inform management and conservation? Syphard, Alexandra 2013 recording
2.03. The use of goats to manage vegetation to reduce fire risk to resources Voth, Kathy 2013 recording
2.04. Role of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in post-fire response O'Keefe, Shea 2013 recording
2.05. Head-water streams, geomorphic and aquatic species responses following wildfires Fisher, Robert N. 2013 recording
2.06. Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS) Gannon, James 2013 recording
2013 Fire and Wildlife Strategic Plan Workshop San Diego County- California Rochester, Carlton; Fisher, Robert N. 2014 workshop summary
Discussion Panel 3 - 2013 Wildland Fire Workshop 2013 recording