Recording (Part 1) - August 2022 SDMMP Management and Monitoring Coordination Meeting

Type: recording

Article abstract: Recording (Part 1 of 2) from the August 25, 2022 SDMMP Management and Monitoring Coordination Meeting. Presentations from the UC Berkeley Grazing Research Team.

Authors: Ratcliff, Felix; Bartolome, James; Huntsinger, Lynn; Shapero, Matthew; Ford, Lawrence; White, Michael; Motamed, Kaveh; Qiao, Joyce;

Day: 24

Month: August

Year: 2022

Keywords: cattle grazing; grazing;

Vegetation communities: coastal sage scrub; grassland


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File description: The recording for this meeting was broken into two parts. Part 2 of the recording can also be found on the website.
August SDMMP Mgmt. & Mon. Coordination Meeting-20220824_093109-Meeting Recording 1.mp4