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Otay River Valley Cactus Wren Habitat Restoration and Enhancement

in progress

Project description

The goal of this three-year project (#5004730) is to increase the amount of suitable habitat and improve connectivity for the coastal cactus wren along Otay River Valley through restoration and enhancement of degraded habitat areas. This project will complement the existing coastal cactus wren habitat restoration project proposed by the City of Chula Vista within the Otay River Valley and Salt Creek as part of the current Transnet EMP grant cycle. The coastal cactus wren restoration program in the Otay River Valley and Salt Creek area address the immediate needs of the coastal cactus wren where loss and degradation of existing wren habitat has occurred due to historical cattle grazing, increase of invasive plant species, unauthorized off-road vehicle use, drought, and vegetation succession processes. Activities included in this program include invasive species control with follow-up herbicide treatments, shrub thinning, collecting and planting coast cholla and coast prickly pear cuttings, native grass and forb seed collection and redistribution, vegetation monitoring, and focus cactus wren monitoring. An additional grant (#5004944) was awarded the first year of project implementation that provided access control fencing to the #5004730 project. Activities for the proposed project include the installation of t-post barbless wire fencing around the 3.5 acre CACW restoration area, in addition to installing 8 signs stating "Habitat Restoration Area - No Trespassing." This project would fulfill the immediate need for access control to the CACW restoration area, deterring off-road vehicles, bikers, equestrians, and other trails users from entering the project site. By providing funding for access control to this restoration and enhancement site, it will increase the success of EMP Grant #5004730.

Project focus

Project type: Habitat restoration

Target species: Cactus Wren, Coastal cactus wren

Main implementing entity: County of San Diego

Project Page manager: Annabelle Bernabe

SDMMP lead: Annabelle Bernabe

Study lead: Deborah Mosley

Strategic elements

MSP Objectives and actions:CAMBRU-1; HUMUSE-4

Files and Documents

2017 Otay River Valley Cactus Wren Fence Project Final Report

Prepared by:County of San Diego, Department of Parks and Recreation